Mahsa Mortasavi

Mahsa Mortasavi


  • Professional Affiliations:
    • American Association of Orthodontics
    • The Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontics
    • American Board of Orthodontics
  • Fun Facts: Outside of the office, Dr. Mahsa enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing tennis, and reading science-fiction and psychology books.
Orthodontist, Dr. Mahsa Mortasavi, smiling for a picture.

About Dr. Mortasavi

Dr. Mahsa Mortsavi a board-certified orthodontist, fondly known around the office as Dr. Mahsa, has a dream for making people happy by creating bright smiles. She feels orthodontics is the best path for her to achieve this dream. As a child of a dentist, many of Dr. Masha’s best memories from childhood took place in her mother’s office as she watched her for hours, in awe, while she created beautiful smiles. She knew that she wanted to do the same.

In 2010, Dr. Mahsa received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Tehran University. She recently achieved board certification by passing her Board of Orthodontics with honors in 2022. After working as a faculty member at university and private practice, she joined the Craniofacial Research Instrumentation Laboratory (CRIL) at University of the Pacific in San Francisco as a research fellow. Once the fellowship was completed, she began her orthodontic residency at University of the Pacific and graduated with her second Certificate of Orthodontics and Masters of Dentistry.

Dr. Mahsa is interested in evidence-based dentistry and its integration with new techniques in orthodontics and has more than ten scientific papers, including systematic reviews on the subjects of Invisalign, orthognathic surgeries, and cleft lip and palate treatments. Upon completion of her one-year research fellowship at the CRIL at University of the Pacific, she worked on several projects related to etiology, prevention and treatment of patients with cleft lip and palate.

Her research results were presented in national and international conferences such as World Congress of International Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation in Germany. She volunteered as a member of the Cleft Lip and Palate team, which is responsible for treatment of patients with cleft lip and palate from birth to adulthood. She also volunteers annually with the ADA Foundation’s Give Kids A Smile program.