Pediatric Orthodontics in Fairfax

Early Orthodontics for Your Child

Set the Best Stage for Their Smile

When you’re ready to explore pediatric orthodontic treatment options in Fairfax, we welcome you to experience the exceptional care of our dental team.

We offer comprehensive orthodontic services for both children and adults, extending beyond the traditional idea of braces and finding solutions to fit your child.

Pediatric Orthodontics Overview

Many adults associate orthodontics with braces, and understandably dread the potential of the associated costs, hassle, and pain—all because they were not set up for success in their early years.

That’s why we’re here! Pediatric orthodontics is also called “phase 1” of orthodontic treatment and its purpose is to prevent improper growth and alignment of permanent teeth. Early orthodontics reduces the need for more extensive treatments, like braces, as your child gets older.

How We Help

When it comes to orthodontics for kids, we want to make sure your child (and you!) feel comfortable every step of the way while we perform the any exams or treatments. Some of our pediatric orthodontic solutions include:

Palatal expanders

Partial braces

Space maintainers

And more

How We Approach Pediatric Orthodontics

A successful pediatric orthodontic experience hinges on our ability to make even the youngest patient feel safe, listened to, and cared for throughout their appointment.

What to Expect

What to expect from a pediatric orthodontic appointment will depend on what particular issue brings you into our office. Typically, we will perform an evaluation to confirm the issue with your child’s jaw or teeth alignment. Some of those concerns may include protruding teeth, malocclusion, narrow jaw, or other bite complications. After the examination, we can work out any necessary treatment plans.

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Why We’re the Best For Pediatric Orthodontics

Creating Better Experiences

When they start their dental journey with a team like Trü, your child won’t dread the dentist.

Emphasis on Education

We deliver a genuine understanding of dental hygiene to equip you and your child for lifelong success.

Compassionate Care

Our friendly orthodontists are especially talented at helping kids and adolescents feel comfortable and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

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