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It’s Your Turn For Straighter Teeth

It’s Time to Enjoy A Straighter Smile

If you’ve lived your whole life with misaligned teeth, it may feel like it’s “too late” for you to address it.

Or you may think adult braces would draw unwanted attention to your teeth. Trü Orthodontics is here to help you get your teeth in line with several discreet options for adult braces in Fairfax.

Adult Braces Overview

Adult braces can encompass anything from the traditional front-facing metal braces to lingual braces or clear aligners. Your provider at Trü Orthodontics will ensure you get the best option for your needs and lifestyle. We include whitening services with adult braces in Fairfax so you don’t have to worry about potential staining!


Adult braces can treat a variety of alignment issues, including:



Open bite

Cross bite

Crowded teeth

Spaced teeth

Generally crooked teeth

How Adult Braces Work

Adult braces function in the same manner as braces for younger patients. They apply pressure to the root of your teeth to gradually shift them into proper alignment.

What to Expect

We use advanced scanning technology to create a highly accurate digital impression of your mouth. From there we work with you to determine the best choice for your adult braces.

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Advanced Techniques

Traditional impressions taken to design your braces are uncomfortable and messy. We utilize the ITero® digital scanner for a more comfortable and accurate result from your treatment.

Customized Treatment

With adult braces from Trü Orthodontics, it is possible for you to get a customized plan that caters to your specific alignment and lifestyle needs.

Always Accessible

With 5 board-certified orthodontists and 4 convenient locations in Northern Virginia, we’ve made it easy for you to obtain the friendly, positive care you deserve.

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