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Has the time come to finally correct your teeth alignment issues, only you’re in a time crunch?

Maybe you’re getting married in 6 months, or you want your best possible smile for an upcoming trip. Whatever the reason, you can trust Trü Orthodontics ability to deliver accelerated orthodontics in Fairfax.

Accelerated Orthodontics Overview

Accelerated orthodontics is a new approach that speeds up orthodontic treatment by encouraging new bone growth in the jaw. Used in combination with aligners or braces, this allows teeth to shift more quickly and comfortably.


Accelerated orthodontics can treat a variety of alignment issues, including:



Open bite

Cross bite

Crowded teeth

Spaced teeth

Generally crooked teeth

How Accelerated Orthodontics Works

Accelerated orthodontics pairs advanced techniques with braces or aligners to stimulate healing and bone remodeling to reduce your overall treatment time.

What to Expect

Accelerated orthodontics triggers your body’s immune system by creating micro-damage in the bone. There are various methods of accelerated orthodontics, but the general goal of each treatment is to stimulate this healing response. Whatever method proves best for your situation, your provider will create this micro-damage before applying your braces or giving you aligners.

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Accelerated Orthodontics You Can Count On

Advanced Techniques

Accelerated orthodontics requires the latest technologies and techniques. Our orthodontists have mastered the processes of stimulating healing to speed up your treatment.

Focus on Education

Our role is to help you understand the “why” behind each aspect of accelerated orthodontics, every step of the way. Every patient deserves to feel like they are a part of the process and able to make their own decisions.

Always Accessible

With 5 board-certified orthodontists and 4 convenient locations in Northern Virginia, we’ve made it easy for you to obtain the friendly, positive care you deserve.

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